Sony continues indie push with fast turnarounds and developer support

Octodad creator nabs PS4 dev kit within 48 hours

Sony sent Octodad developer Young Horses a PS4 dev kit within two days of requesting it, says SCEA.

Speaking at the GameStop Expo, as reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, SCEA’s Sean Coleman said third-person adventure game Octodad, which started out as a school project, was up and running on the console within three weeks of the developer receiving the dev kit.

Sony has been heavily pushing indie support of late, promoting its self-publishing options and snapping up a number of timed console exclusives for the PS4 and Vita, such as Mike Bithell’s Volume, Vlambeer’s Wasteland Kings and Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami 2.

Despite revealing such a quick turnaround however, it is not yet clear how much development kits for the console will cost.

“In our pursuit of trying to create the best place to play, PlayStation has worked alongside revolutionary indie developers to give them the tools needed to self publish to the PlayStaion Store quickly and easily,” said Coleman.

“My favourite game is a game called Octodad. Octodad started off as a school project, but within 48 hours of contacting PlayStation they had received their PlayStation 4 dev kit, and had the game up and running in only three weeks. Amazing.

“Just like Octodad, a ton of other amazing indie experiences are coming exclusively first to PlayStation."

For details on how PS4 self-publishing works, you can read our interview with SCEE’s Agostino Simonetta here.

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