Oculus has been helping Sony out with Project Morpheus

Virtual reality’s social credentials may remain a source of debate, but it sounds like the industry sprouting up around is quite the happy family.

Sony studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told Polygon that, as has been hinted at before, the major players in the VR sector have been giving each other a helping hand to ensure that when the technology is unleashed on the public it’s as strong as it possibly can be – no matter which headset the consumer opts for.

"When we were talking at GDC we always invite each other to demos and exchange opinions," Yoshida said. "And we were laughing, because [Oculus founder Palmer Luckey] was very happy to try this year’s Morpheus. I was like, ‘oh yeah we passed the Palmer test.

"They are looking like ‘hmm, you can reduce a little bit more latency.’ But that was March, so our teams are still making improvements. So we are working well together from a global standpoint to advance VR and bring VR to consumers.

"We have to make sure that system is super good, because the worse thing, and Palmer always said that the worst thing that could happen to VR is that some big company comes up with some mid-quality system and muddy the water. He was actually talking about us. He was talking to us."

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