Pre-approval required for all games

Oculus Rift store will display comfort ratings

The Oculus storefront will display comfort ratings for games detailing whether they could make users motion sick or provide a scary experience, the company’s CEO has said.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Brendan Iribe said the firm was keen to provide warnings to users to ensure a safe and pleasant VR experience.

“Something can be comfortable from a disorientation standpoint, where it doesn’t make me feel bad…it doesn’t have crazy locomotion like a roller coaster,” said Iribe. “But if it is really, really super intense, we do want to give people warnings about that.”

Iribe also said that, much like many other games marketplaces, the Rift will require new titles to go through an approval process before they are put on sale. This is to ensure all content “fits the policy we put up which is this safe and clean environment that everyone can know, and love, and trust”. Like other stores, game pages will also include user reviews,

It should be noted that the firm plans for Oculus to be an open platform, so other unofficial channels could be open without such stringent requirements.

Iribe hinted that Oculus will take a cut of 30 per cent from all game sales, similar to that of Steam and the App Store, after stating that the marketplace would use a "very standard business model" for a revenue split.

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