Oculus warns Sony to make sure Project Morpheus solves nausea problem

Brendan Iribe has welcomed Oculus Rift’s inevitable rivals in the virtual reality market, but also urged them to ensure their product is up to scratch.

We’re really looking forward to this as an industry that takes off… A number of companies will come in, even companies we haven’t heard of yet two or three or five years down the road,” the Oculus CEO said, as reported by The Guardian.

At the same time we’re a little worried about some of the bigger companies putting out product that isn’t quite ready. That elephant in the room is disorientation and motion sickness.

We’re encouraging other companies, particularly the big consumer companies, to not put out a product until they’ve solved that problem.”

While the likes of Google and Archos have announced budget entries into the VR market, Sony stands as the sole ‘big company’ rival to Oculus Rift. That is providing you omit Samsung, of course, which Oculus has directly partnered with for its product.

Although Sony wasn’t named specifically, Iribe added that he has invited the Project Morpheus creator to sample the latest Rift prototype complete with the advice please make sure your product is as good or close”.

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