Oddworld creator: It’s as if indies on Xbox One don’t matter to Microsoft

Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning has sounded off on Microsoft’s apparent complete obliviousness to the growing indie games market, stating that the company isn’t even acknowledging independent developers like himself on any kind of business level.

Speaking with VG247, Lanning once again laid bare his frustrations with Xbox’s much maligned policies – adding that, at this rate, he doesn’t see a bright future for indies on Microsoft’s console platform.

"We’re not on the radar. We’re little guys. It doesn’t seem like any of the little guys are on the radar,” Lanning said.

"Ten years from now, the biggest banners out there, the hundred million dollar games, are going to be what happened in the indie community. That’s the only place we’re seeing real innovation because that’s the only place people can really afford to."

Lanning concluded it’s "smart people" who see indie games on equal footing with AAA games in the future, and that kind of person is absent from Microsoft’s offices.

"I don’t see any indication of that foresight up in Redmond. They do not seem to be listening to their audience."

A report earlier this month claimed Microsoft was considering a change in stance that would allow indies to self-publish, but nothing official has come about from it as of yet.

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