Official Xbox One controller and headset prices revealed

The US Official Microsoft Store has revealed the pre-order prices for the first Xbox One accessories.

The Xbox One controller is priced at $59.99. That’s around 40 in real money, although of course the price is unlikely to translate in this way – expect perhaps a 50 price tag in the UK.

It also represents a $10 hike over the current Xbox 360 pad, although of course Microsoft claims there are 40 differences between the pair and it certainly does offer increased functionality.

Also up for order is the Xbox One headset which costs $24.99 (15-ish). Headsets of course won’t be included with the Xbox One, but one of Microsoft’s U-turns was the decision to allow older headsets to work with the machine via a still unpriced and unshown adapter.

Play and Charge Kits will cost $24.99 while a controller and kit combo costs $74.99. has priced the PS4’s DualShock 4 at $59.99 –that’s $5 more than the DualShock 3’s current US RRP.

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