Old Republic is "fastest growing MMO in history"

Over a million. That’s the closest we’ve got to hearing any firm sales numbers for EA and BioWare’s new MMO title Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The figure was issued by EA on Boxing Day following the game’s release on December 20th.

The game entered the UK Charts in 10th place after nearly a full week on the market and this week dropped to 38th, though of course these figures omit the MMO’s digital sales – which are likely to be higher than sales of the boxed version.

EA has also claimed that The Old Republic is the fastest-growing subscription MMO in history”, with over 5.5m hours being logged in its first five days.

In addition, players have created over 850,000 Sith Warriors and over 810,000 Jedi Knights. 260m quests have been completed and over 9m space combat missions, with 3m NPCs dying in the process.

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