One third of Vita games sold digitally; 100 titles coming to handheld this year

Sony has revealed that around a third of the games it sells on Vita are digital.

Is that impressive? That’s a matter of opinion. Certainly it doesn’t sound anything special when the thousands of games that are downloaded everyday on iOS and Android are considered.

But from a company transitioning from the physical-led PSP to a new format? Perhaps it’s not that bad.

Speaking to IGN, Sony was keen to press home Vita satisfaction rates”, with 86 per cent of owners apparently happy with their machines. It also claims that the average Vita owner plays their device for a staggering 18.7 hours every week.

Another surprise – Sony has 100 titles on the Way to Vita in 2013. Again, this pales when compared to iOS but nonetheless does at least suggest that Vita will throughout the year receive the sort of support it needs to build on recent successes.

Still, recent news for Vita has been far more encouraging than what we saw throughout 2012. A recent survey showed that developers have far more interest in making games for Vita than they do the stronger-selling 3DS.

Japanese Vita sales have been on the rise thanks to Sony’s price cut in the territory, while UK boss Fergal Gara reckons Vita enjoyed a strong performance on this side of the globe.

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