Ono apologies for Street Fighter V launch server problems

Street Fighter V is finally here, but early buyers have faced a few issues playing the game online.

Despite a number of beta tests in the long run up to release, the launch of the game yesterday (February 16th) brought with it some significant server woes, leaving players unable to connect to online matches.

My sincerest apologies again about SFV server situation,” the game’s producer Yoshinori Ono said on Twitter. I think that we need to improve on this problem the most.”

He later added: I sincerely apologize to player about @SFVServer matching transmission state is unstable. ServerTeam has been progressing with improvement it.”

Some players have reported an improvement to the situation this morning.

Compounding the disappointment is the fact that the game has launched without a number of features people had presumed would be included, the result of which has left the single-player offline game quite bare. A quick browse of the reviews on Steam will give you a taste of the dissatisfaction.

On the other side of the coin, reviewers have heaped praise on the game. While nearly all acknowledge that features that are promised at some stage down the line really should have been present for launch, they also note that the core mechanics of the title are fantastic, pointing to great things ahead for the game.

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