Open source PS3 hack goes live

Sony may have successfully (for now) curtailed sales of the first ever PS3 hack, but as feared the first clone of the device have appeared online – and more worryingly for Sony, it is free to download.

Called PSGroove, the download allows PS3 owners to run unofficial code on their consoles. As DigitalFoundry explains, users will still have to acquire a specific type of USB microcontroller at a cost of around 25 if they wish to make use of the hack.

The site also claims that the new hack deviates slightly from the template laid down by PSJailbreak and, interestingly, will not in its current form allow for the playing of pirated games. It does allow for the use of homebrew software, however, and such a development is likely just a small step away.

In addition, DF confirms previous claims that no Sony code is used in the hack, possibly lending weight to retailers currently involved in a legal wrangle with Sony in Australia.

As well as being terrible news for Sony and its until now successful war against PS3 piracy, the latest developments probably won’t be welcomed by the directors of, either, who reportedly all re-mortgaged their houses to fund their version of the device.

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