OPINION: Talking shop

Child of Eden is actually an important game for Kinect.

A psychedelic rhythm action shooter may not sound like your typical killer app, but Kinect has lacked any real, quality core gaming experiences thus far. Finally, dedicated Xbox fans have reason to turn on that motion accessory.

But the challenge for Ubisoft is going to be in selling it. Screenshots really do not do the game justice – the publisher needs to get people playing. And that doesn’t mean forcing gamers to jump around in front of a tiny TV down the cramped aisles of HMV. You need a great big HD telly, surround sound with plenty of room to play.

In fact, you need your own shop.

Opening a store for a specific brand isn’t a new concept. Sony, Apple and Disney have built businesses out of it. EA opened a pop-up store in the US last Christmas to support Sports Active 2, while back in March Moshi Monsters did a similar thing in London.

But these examples all show what an opportunity there is here. Especially with the number of empty shop units begging to be used at affordable rents.

If Ubisoft enjoys good footfall you can bet the idea will be back for Christmas. A Just Dance 3 shop could prove an unlikely but popular destination during the peak selling period.

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