Xiaomi Inc to bring microconsole's games offering to Chinese audience via streaming boxes and smart TVs

Ouya heading to China through smartphone firm

Troubled microconsole Ouya is making a push for the Asian market through a new partnership with Xiaomi Inc, a Chinese smartphone manufactuer.

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman told Reuters that while details are still being finalised, it’s likely that the device will get a dedicated channel on Xiami’s streaming boxes and smart TVs, allowing gamers to buy and download Ouya’s offering of independently developed titles.

Xiaomi is also expected to help market Ouya games in the region. Revenues will also be shared between Ouya, Xiaomi and games developers.

"For the likes of Xiaomi’s MiTV, its set-top boxes and other Android set-top boxes that are entering the market, this could be a turning point… in bringing great content and developers to gamers and into a region that they have never had access to before," said Uhrman.

"The whole [Chinese] industry is still in a very early development stage. There is an opportunity for both Xiaomi and Ouya."

China is the third biggest games marketing in the world, but it is tough for Western companies to break into – partly because the sale of traditional games consoles was banned until April this year.

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