Ouya nears $4m on Kickstarter

Console newcomer Ouya is possibly just hours away from passing the $4,000,000 funding mark on Kickstarter.

At the time of writing the project has attracted $3,934,714 in pledges from 30,542 backers.

Interestingly, in the process of writing this story (which took about 15 minutes) the project attracted 54 backers contributing $66,595 between them. That equates to an average of $1,233 each.

Those who back the project to the tune of $10 or more are promised the chance to reserve their Ouya username ahead of the machine’s launch in 2013. Pledge $25 and you’ll get a Founder Emblem permanently attached to your user name.

Step up to $95 and you’ll get a free console and controller when the console finally arrives, subject to availability. $99 will guarantee you a pre-launch machine.

$225 gets a console and two controllers with your name etched on them while the $699 offer is more developer focused with early SDK access and free promotion of any game uploaded to the service for one year.

$1,337 adds a direct email hotline the console’s developers and an invite to the launch party and for $5,000 you’ll get a free day trip to San Francisco to hang out with creator Yves Behar.

The top tier of $10,000 will see your username and backer number engraved onto the entire first production run of the machine.

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