Ouya nears $6m with one week to go

Console newcomer Ouya is getting perilously close to hitting the $6m figure on crowd-funding portal Kickstarter.

The project now has one week to go until backing is closed, and at the time of writing has received a total of $5,977,463 from 46,613 backers. Whatever happens, Ouya stands as by far the biggest financial success story on Kickstarter to date.

It already holds three records on the service – the highest amount pledged, the fastest campaign to reach $1m (eight hours and 22 minutes) and the most raised in a single day ($3.2m).

It was only a couple of weeks ago when the wheels seemed to be falling off the new console, with much of the games press (MCV included) becoming increasingly sceptical of the company’s claims.

That hasn’t stopped Ouya’s momentum, however.

In the last week alone Ouya has announced a partnership with OnLive to bring streaming games to the service and has also nabbed a publishing deal for an HD remake of Square Enix title Final Fantasy III HD.

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