More than 100 indie games in the works for PS4 and Vita

Over 1,000 developers self-publish on PlayStation

Sony Computer Entertainment held a special indie event in the US yesterday, where it was revealed that more than 1,000 developers are now licensed to self-publish games for PlayStation formats.

Games that have already been self-published on PS3, Vita and PS4 have sold more than 20 million copies combined, according to Destructoid.

Indie games has been a major feather in PlayStation’s cap for the last couple of years, with several exclusivity deals arranged for PlayStation 4. 

Since the new console launched in November, 21 titles have been self-published on the PlayStation Store, and some have sold remarkably well. Outlast has racked up over 1.8m downloaded, Don’t Starve more than 1m, and Warframe is the second more downloaded item on the Store, with only Netflix outperforming it.

It was also confirmed there are currently more than 100 indie games in development for PlayStation formats.

SCE UK has been reaching out to UK developers with its PlayStation Open Days, explaining how studios can sign up to become licensed PlayStation developers and learn how to self-publish.

A new PlayStation Open Day will be held next week in Kraków, Poland as part of the Digital Dragons conference.

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