PES 2010 Master League evolves

The Master League remains arguably the chief feather in Pro Evolution Soccer’s cap, and Konami hopes to grab a bigger share of the 2009 market with a raft of ML changes that looks et to improve upon the already brilliant formula.

The Master League is now split into three sections – Club House, Stadium Walk and Office. The first is used to control match day options, the second main game settings and the third for scouting and transfer market dealings.

There’s also a brand new Youth Team system which allows players to invest in promising up and coming talent to fast-track their entry into the senior squad – mirroring the way in which modern football academies operate.

Gone are PES Points, and in their place real currency is now used in financial dealings. Sponsorship options are also controllable with the on-field results having a direct effect on the value of the club to interested parties.

PES 2010 is due out on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii later this year. There’s no date yet, but expect it to arrive at around about the same time as FIFA 10 on October 2nd.

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