PES 2014: Konami explains lack of rain effect, Spanish stadiums, stadium editor

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 won’t feature the rain effect or any Spanish stadiums, both for very different reasons.

The omission of rain, as European community manager Adam Bhatti puts it, was down to the game being rebuilt from scratch, and the team therefore not having the time to include the rain effect and the implications it would have on gameplay. Bhatti said in a post on WENB that the team plans to bring the feature back in next year’s game.

The lack of Spanish stadiums is a much more worrying issue, and is down to rivals EA entering into licensing deals with individual Spanish clubs, thus ensuring that stadiums of those clubs are not made available to PES. Bhatti also cited licensing issues for the game’s stadium editor being left out from this year’s game.

Bhatti expressed concern over the removal of the stadium editor as the edit mode has been at the core of the PES series.

I can’t go into it, but this in particular has made the team realise, more than ever, about acquiring licensing, and we’re determined to fight back in this regard next year. If things are removed from edit mode because of licensing each year, it would rip out the soul of PES, and we must not let that happen,” he said.

Bhatti listed a summary of features that won’t make it into this year’s game so that fans wouldn’t feel robbed because they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into”. He concluded, however, on a positive note.

Going forward, for the next 3-4 weeks, my focus is now all about showing you the good things in PES 2014. This not only includes news on all the modes, it does include the demo on the 11th. We’re also lining up plenty of videos too.”

PES 2014 is scheduled for release on 19th September across five platforms. Click here for Indian prices for each.

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