Phil Spencer continues his war against fanboyism

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has once again challenged the fanboys of social media by stating that those who wish a game to fail because of its host platform aren’t real gamers.

As spotted by GameSpot, when asked on Twitter what games he was most looking forward to in 2016, Spencer replied: Gears [of War]. I thought [the] Division beta was very good. People will block me but UC4 [Uncharted 4] will be a great game I’m sure. Love the QB Story.”

The boss of Xbox daring to praise a PlayStation game? It’s the end of days.

‘Xbox Head’ talking about how great UC4 will be, just wave the white flag already. This is embarrassing sad to say,” came one reply, to which Spencer retorted:

We should all applaud when a team does something special. Those who hope for team to fail due to platform aren’t real gamers.”

Which is all entirely sensible and very much to Phil’s credit. Challenging platform antagonism is becoming somewhat of a speciality for him, for which he should most definitely be applauded.

As GameSpot points out, Spencer has been banging this drum for a while now. In September he told the site:

"I’ve said before, the one thing that I probably find a little distasteful in the discourse around games is the divisiveness that people try to build between platforms," he explained. "It becomes more about what piece of plastic I own than what games I’m playing. It becomes more about somebody else failing than the things I love succeeding. I don’t think that’s a good place for our industry.

"I know that’s not everybody, and it’s easy to find the pockets of that vitriol and I kind of think that that is gaming, but I’m not going to embrace that. I’m going to actively push against that.”

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