Pinnacle offers developers third way to retail

UK-based distributor Pinnacle Software is expanding its business to offer development teams a ‘third way’ to get their products to market – and removing the need for a traditional publisher.

In tandem with its traditional business as a supplier, Pinnacle now offers studios funding, as well as marketing and manufacturing powers.

However, it is keeping its name off the front of boxes, hoping to bring more public acclaim to developers themselves – and doesn’t consider itself a publisher.

The first product of the firm’s new direction is Spanish studio Tragnarion’s DS title Doodle Hex, released in Europe on July 11th.

In an exclusive interview with MCV, Pinnacle MD Peter Sleeman said:

We make sure that the entry point gets easier for developers. We ensure they don’t have to use a publisher, but equally that doesn’t mean they have to go: ‘Oh my God, we were a developer, now we’re a publisher.’

If this works, it will definitely be something we invest in more. And we are making sure we are giving the all-important kudos to those that deserve it – namely the developers – by putting them on front of the box, not us.”

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