Pitchford talks Aliens, Brothers in Arms

Developer Gearbox has insisted that its still mysterious licensed FPS Aliens: Colonial Marines is indeed in the works and still has the full backing of publisher Sega.

Since missing its 2009 release window we’ve heard little about the title, other than the odd statement of assurance from Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford. And having saved Duke Nukem from a digital grave, Pitchford has promised that the Aliens title won’t take as long to complete.

This game is based on Aliens. It’s a 20th Century Fox property and Sega is the publisher. So there are some fingers in this,” he told Joystiq. We haven’t really been able to be super free to be talk about everything we’ve been doing.

Earlier this week, I was down in San Francisco and I had lunch with the head of Sega of America and he is committed to this. And we’re going to make this awesome. I know it’s been a while since the announcement first happened that we’re in for Aliens. I promise you it will not take as long as Duke Nukem Forever. We’re not going to let this dream die, it’s going to happen.”

The developer went on to hint at new instalments in the WWII series Brothers in Arms.

We’re not announcing anything today, but we want to tell you guys that we really care about this franchise a lot,” he asserted. It’s something we created and it really means a lot to us.

It’s not just a game about the combat. It’s about the soldiers in the war. We’ll deal with Baker and his men in future games for sure. But we also may do some other things that maybe treat the game in some different ways and take some different directions.”

Pitchford also confirmed to VG247 there’s still more to come in the way of Borderlands DLC, too.

We’re still playing it today,” he stated. In fact, there are more Borderlands things to come. The new Claptrap DLC that we recently announced is actually launching on September 28th. We’re really, really excited about that, and we’ve got more Borderlands to come.”

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