Play, Amazon price Move

Online retailer has become the first to name what it believes the price will be for the UK launch of PlayStation Move.

It reckons the PlayStation Move Starter Pack, which includes a Move controller, PlayStation Eye and starter disc, will cost 49.99. Standalone Move sticks will cost 39.99 and Navigation Controllers 29.99.

The PlayStation eye is already available on the site for 24.99.

Yesterday Sony said that that the European price for the Starter Pack would be €59.99, with stand-alone Move controllers costing €39.99 and the PlayStation Eye €29.99. Navigation Controllers will cost €29.99.

Note too that the US Starter Pack, priced at $99.99, includes a copy of Sports Champions instead of a starter disc.

MCV is chasing Sony for official confirmation of the UK prices.

UPDATE: Amazon has also listed Sony’s Move range. It prices the Starter Pack at 10 more at 59.99. It is also selling the PlayStation Eye for just 21.39.

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