Playboy publishes Tron tribute

Upcoming movie and game release Tron: Legacy is the focus of a new photo shoot by adult entertainment specialist Playboy.

The pictures, which can be seen here, show Playmates Sasckya Porto and Irina Voronina sporting Tron-style bodypaint as well as the famous light cycles made so iconic by the 1982 Hollywood original.

It’s an interesting crossover. Back in the early ‘80s it’s unlikely that Playboy would have considered a cult sci-fi film to be a suitable basis for promotion. However, in today’s market such IP can enjoy mass-market appeal.

Indeed, Playboy now publishes an annual ‘Girls of Videogames’ spread which includes games-specific crossovers. Last year’s shoot included models based on games such as God of War, Mafia II, Heavy Rain, Dante’s Inferno and The Saboteur.

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