PlayStation Blog prices No Man’s Sky at $60, says pre-orders open this week

A slip-up on the US PlayStation Blog may have revealed a couple of details about the much anticipated No Man’s Sky.

In a graphic that has now been pulled, the game was listed as having a $60 RPP (making it a full-price title). It also seemed to suggest that pre-orders for the game would go live tomorrow (March 3rd 2016).

It would not be a surprise to see Sony position No Man’s Sky as a full-price triple-A release. It has since its unveiling in 2013 garnered just as much, if not more, attention than many of its big studio rivals.

However, its perception as an indie title has led to some online questioning the price. This topic was touched upon recently by Jonathan Blow, who himself came in for criticism for the 30 RRP handed to his recent release The Witness.

If people think about The Witness as an indie game, and picture it alongside a lot of other perceived indie games, you might think: ‘yeah, why does this have such a high price point?’, but I don’t think it fits very well into that category. I don’t talk about it as an indie game that much because it’s got a really high budget, in part because we worked on it for seven years,” he told MCV last month.

"It’s a large game with a lot of stuff in it and people who are surprised at the price don’t maybe have an accurate picture of how big it is and how much stuff is in it. Then they feel that the price is too high. There are plenty of people who play the game and say they would have paid much more for it. I feel that the price is well chosen. If some people don’t complain it’s probably too low; if you don’t sell at all it’s probably too high.”

Many of these arguments also apply to No Man’s Sky. Hello Games has had tremendous support from Sony during the game’s development, and there’s no doubt that the title that will finally ship stretches far beyond the ambitions the studio had when development first began.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray said last E3 that he very nearly announced a release date for the game right then, but instead chose to wait until he felt the game was truly ready to ship.

In October of last year No Man’s Sky was given a June 2016 release date. Having at one stage been due out on PS4 before it hit PC, the last we heard the game is due out on both platforms simultaneously.

Here’s the removed PlayStation Blog image, courtesy ofVentureBeat.

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