PlayStation bolsters Christmas lineup with Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Sony will be bringing a ‘Complete Edition’ of Horizon Zero Dawn to retail later this year – according to a tweet from the official account last night. The ‘game-of-the-year’ style release will include the original game, with all the additional ‘Digital Deluxe’ content, plus the upcoming Frozen Wilds expansion that wasannounced at E3.

The DLC expansion, which was download-only until now, is due to release on November 7th. While the Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition will come along around a month later on December 5th. We only have US pricing at present, as the game is yet to appear on either US or EU PlayStation blogs, which is a very reasonable $50. That’s likely to translate to 50 RRP here, and sell in the low-to-mid forties.

The game has simultaneously gone on sale on the PlayStation Store. There, consumers can pick up the basic game for 25, the Digital Deluxe version for 33.99 and the DLC expansion for 14.39. At least for this week.

This is something of a new strategy for Sony, one which follows on from its successful experiment in putting out Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as a standalone physical release. The publisher’s own line-up has looked a little thin at the back end of the year, so putting out a release like this makes sense, as it’s not competing with any other Sony-developed titles. It also comes out well past the release frenzy of November.

Finally, that Complete Edition moniker makes it clear that Sony is done with the first installment of Horizon Zero Dawn – though given its excellent sales, it’s easily the best-selling new franchise to be released this year and up there with the best sellers overall, we’re sure that we’ll be seeing hints of a full sequel in the not too distant future.

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