E3 â??09 But not Microsoftâ??s, nor Nintendoâ??s â?? understandable or unreasonable?

PlayStation Home to host Sonyâ??s E3 press conference

As part of its broad strategy to expand on the number of things residents can do on PlayStation Home, Sony has announced it will be streaming footage of E3 into its virtual world.

Home users will be able to watch the Sony press conference, virtually together, in front of a jumbo screen.

However Sony will only begin to offer video footage from June 2, the day of its conference and one day after Microsoft’s own.

If a consumer purchases a PS3, downloads Home and decides to use it to obtain E3 info, is it not likely that this person is utterly enthusiastic about videogames, and would want to see more than one perspective on the biggest event in the gaming calendar?

Perhaps it’s unfair to disapprove of Sony’s ambition to succeed against the competition, but if people want to know about what Nintendo and Microsoft is up to, they will inevitably find out for themselves.

In removing important E3 events from Home, Sony may have missed a real chance on channelling new users into its intriguing online world.

Home users can watch and discuss Sony’s E3 happenings in the PlayStation Events Space’s Presentation Podium.

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