PlayStation Move gets a double pack re-release for VR

Six years on from its debut, PlayStation Move’s rejuvenation is now a reality with an incoming new retail rollout alongside the PlayStation VR.

Eurogamer reports that a double pack is on the way, possibly with a slightly modified version of the controllers included. What the changes are remains to be seen, although it has been suggested it’s nothing more than a switch to Micro USB for charging.

They arrive as a pair, of course, as some titles will require one controller for each hand. Punters will also need a PS VR headset and PlayStation Camera, while some games will also work with a DualShock 4.

PlayStation Move itself debuted in 2010 alongside a new wave of Wii-inspired motion games. The device went on to sell some 15m units, but never really had the sort of breakthrough hit title that Sony would have hoped for.

Some have been surprised at Sony’s decision to stick with the older tech for its new headset, although the decision will reduce the cost of entry with those who have Move controllers still lurking around.

Shortly after the announcement of PlayStation VR, sales of both the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Camera rocketed on Amazon.

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