PlayStation Vita – where’s cheapest?

We won’t discover all the High Street Vita deals until tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t splash your cash right now and have the machine waiting for you on (or at least shortly after) launch day.

Here’s a look at the deals currently available online for Sony’s new machine, as well a few of the accessories available for the new high-end machine.


  • The Wi-Fi version of the handheld is available for 229.99 with the 3G unit costing 279.99
  • Bundles include the 3G console with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and an 8GB memory card (319.98) or alternatively with Wipeout 2048 (309.98). The Wi-Fi version complete with FIFA Soccer and an 8GB card costs 269.98
  • GAME is also offering an extra 25 per cent trade-in credit when customers hand over at least one title
  • Customers can also get a guaranteed trade-in credit of just 10 less than the device’s purchase price if they return the unit by March 7th


  • HMV is asking 219.99 for the Wi-Fi model and 269.99 for the 3G SKU. Both come with a free pre-order pack that includes headphones, a 5 PSN card and some Vita-themed PlayStation Home goodies.


  • The online giant is undercutting its High Street rivals by charging 209.99 for the Wi-Fi model and 259.99 for the 3G machine
  • Customers pre-ordering the handheld get a free 8GB memory card and one of a selection of titles (Virtua Tennis, Lumines, Michael Jackson, Rayman Origins, Dungeon Hunter or Asphalt) for just 15


  • Play is selling the Wi-Fi console and free 8GB memory card for 212.99 with the 3G machine, complete with 8GB card, for 262.99. All Vita hardware SKUs come with a pre-order pack
  • Three 227.99 bundles are also on offer including wither Rayman Origins, Virtua Tennis of Little Deviants. All include an 8GB card
  • A 242.99 SKU is also available including a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and 8GB card
  • Those looking to bundle with FIFA Football can choose between a 242.99 pack including the Wi-Fi machine or a 292.99 SKU for the 3G machine. Both include an 8GB card


  • The indie retailer is charging 209.85 for the Wi-Fi machine and 259.85 for the 3G model
  • For 218.84 customers can get a Wi-Fi machine and either F1 2011, Lumines, Asphalt or Dungeon Hunter Alliance. The same offer for the 3G machine costs 279.85
  • The Wi-Fi machine and FIFA Football costs 228.85 with the 3G machine costing 284.86
  • The most expensive SKU on offer includes the Wi-FI machine, Rayman Origins, Lumines, Dungeon Hunter and a 4GB card for 269.86.


  • The base price for the Wi-Fi model is 219.97 or 269.97 for the 3G handheld
  • A Wi-FI SKU including a 16GB card and Uncharted costs 269.99
  • For 229.99 the Wi-Fi machine can be had with either FIFA Football or Virtua Tennis. For 239.99 any game can be bundled with the machine
  • 279.99 will get you the 3G machine and either FIFA Football or Virtua Tennis. For 289.99 any game can be bundled
  • GameStop also offers an official portable charger for 42.97


The 19.99 Vita Starter Kit includes two cases, a strap, screen protector and cloth. The 24.99 Travel Kit offers a case, car charger, cartridge carrier, screen protector, cloth and strap.

4GB memory cards cost around 14.99 with the 8GB costing 29.99 and the 16GB 39.99.

Third party carry cases start from 9.99 for the officially licensed 4Gamers SKU.

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