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PlayStation VR will come with eight game demos

Remember in the olden days when consoles would arrive with a demo disc? Well, they’re back.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation VR, which launches for 350 in October, will include a disc with eight VR demos in the box. This is an especially smart move as it means owners are readily equipped to quickly show off their purchase to friends and family.

The eight demos are racing title Driveclub VR, the underwater experience from PlayStation VR Worlds, Guerrilla’s mech fighter RIGS, Supermassive’s Tumble VR, Rebellion’s Battlezone, space sim EVE: Valkyrie, Uber’s Wayward Sky and football training title Headmaster.

It’s possible we’ll hear more about PSVR at tonight’s PlayStation Briefing. Certainly you can expect an overdue official announcement for the PS4 Slim, and further details – perhaps including even a price and launch date – for the PS4 Neo.

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