Playtonic’s Banjo-Kazooie successor heading to Kickstarter while Rare’s Banjo-Kazooie appears at SXSW

It was a good weekend for Banjo-Kazooie fans.

Developer Playtonic took to the stage at Eurogamer’s Rezzed event in London to announce that its ‘spiritual successor’ to 1998 N64 platformer Banjo Kazooie – which is still without a name – will in part be funded by Kickstarter.

"If we needed, we could make the game with a few hundred thousand pounds, but if we can go beyond that we will scale up the game and add features as fans want from us,” said the studio’s Gavin Price, a veteran of Rare, as reported by Eurogamer.

"We honestly weren’t expecting as big a reaction as we got. We’ve had tons and tons of emails – a massive fan response. But it’s good – we want that pressure, we’re really happy with that reception.

"Up until a few weeks ago [Kickstarter] wasn’t really on our radar, but since we’ve had such a massive response from people – we’re thinking that the game has to become a lot bigger, a lot broader, we want to do a lot more with it now to make people happy. We could do the game comfortably on 400,000, but if we had more to spend we could, for example, hire a proper QA team rather than beta testing it.”

Price added that it’s had a lot of fan feedback calling for a Wii U version, although it’s impossible for the studio to confirm any platforms at this stage. Also touted was the hope of Amiibo figures associated with the game, although the hoops that would need to be jumped through would be huge.

Essentially it sounds like Playtonic would like Nintendo to fund the game! But short of that the Kickstarter campaign is expected to kick off in May.

That wasn’t the only Banjo-Kazooie news this weekend, however. GameSpot reports that the audience at America’s SXSW event was actually treated to a playable build of a new Banjo game – albeit one that was developed exclusively for the event.

There was no news on when Rare may or may not release another Banjo Kazooie title, but Microsoft has been dropping some pretty regular hints now about some upcoming new game announcements from the UK studio.

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