Pokémon Duel launches on Android and iOS

The Pokmon Company has quietly launched a new mobile game based on the franchise, entitled Pokmon Duel. This free-to-play strategy title launched on both Android and iOS yesterday, without prior announcement.

Inspired by board games such as Go, Pokmon Duel can be played solo or against other players worldwide, thanks to its League Match mode. The title features in-app purchases to buy various items such as plates (used to power up a Pokmon at the beginning of a turn) or in-game currency, called Gems.

Pokmon Duel is an exciting mobile strategy game in which fans deploy digital Pokmon figures and battle based on strategic moves to reach a goal in the opponent’s territory,” The Pokmon Company said in a statement.

Pokmon Duel launched in Japan last spring under the name Pokmon Co-master. It’s the second Pokmon-based mobile title to launch worldwide, after the incredible phenomenon that was Pokmon Go last year. Niantic’s title hit $950m in revenue by the end of 2016, App Annie recently revealed.

You can watch a trailer for Pokmon Duel below:

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