Post-PS3 losses hit $4.7bn

As part of today’s financial report, Sony has confirmed that since the launch of the PS3 its PlayStation operations have lost a total of $4.965bn

For its 2007 financial year – the period that followed the launch of PS3 – losses for Sony’s PlayStation operations hit $1.97bn. Despite falls over the two subsequent years, losses on 2010Q2 were up on both the quarter immediately before and the same quarter the year before.

The numbers come courtesy of VG247. The GMA award-winning site also points out that the losses are greater than those suffered by Microsoft in the Xbox era ($4,202bn) – a period that is widely regarded as one of financial failure.

One mitigating factor to note is that since the beginning of 2009 any PlayStation related numbers also incorporate the performance of its Vaio PC operations, as both were incorporated under the new Networked Products & Services Division.

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