Praise heaped on Child of Eden

With a current 85 per cent Metacritic average under its belt, Ubisoft’s Child of Eden has got off to a strong start ahead of its UK release this Friday (June 17th).

"If you played Rez though and came out the other side with a massive smile that lasted for days, you’ll have the same experience with Child of Eden," CVG wrote, scoring it 8.2/10.

"If you have no point of reference, this is a truly beautiful two hour piece of art that you will want to come back to periodically just experience it all again. Moreover it’s a piece of art that only a game developer could achieve.

"Niche, but a true work of art and one that only a video game could achieve. It’s marred by a lack of content but what’s there is like nothing else we’ve seen and will force you to come back at least a few times."

GameSpot scored it 8.5/10, stating: "Child of Eden is a bold artistic experiment that’s also accessible and fun. It’s easy to pick up and play, offers bursts of pure joy, and is even a pleasure to watch others play.

"It’s over quickly, but the amount of unlockable content means it’s something you can keep coming back to. Ultimately, if you value novelty and emotional engagement in your games, you’ll find Child of Eden a memorable and rewarding experience."

Eurogamer was even more enthusiastic, scoring the title 9/10.

"As with all of Mizuguchi’s work, Child of Eden offers a memorable journey and a strong sense of development," its review reads. "But where Rez was concerned with the evolution of the player character, which transformed from amoebic blob to running man, the auteur’s latest is about the evolution of the world around the player.

"It leaves you with a peculiar sense of power: it feels as though you have the influence of a redemptive god, restoring a fallen world back to its Eden state after a corrupting virus."

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