Precursor promises to persevere with Shadow of the Eternals

Two failed crowdfunding attempts haven’t stopped studio Precursor Games from pursuing its efforts to make and release ‘spiritual’ Eternal Darkness successor Shadow of the Eternals.

The game recently saw its second Kickstarter attempt fall short of its $750k target by over $425k.

But as predicted by MCV just last week, Dyack and co are pledging to plough on.

We here at Precursor Games would like to thank everyone who were involved in supporting, developing and promoting Shadow of the Eternals and its Kickstarter campaign,” a Precursor statement said.

We are grateful to those who not only backed this project, but also those who stood behind us every step of the way on this adventurous journey. When we began, we never imagined that we would meet so many amazing and creative people. Our community made this venture entirely worth it. Thank you for everything.

It is unfortunate that we were unable to crowd-fund this project at this time, but we have not given up. We intend to pursue other avenues with the ultimate goal of having our games come to fruition.”

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