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2010: 24,090
July – Dec 2009: 26,532
January – June 2009: 26,092

2010: 21,735
2009: 24,062

2010: 18,024
2009: 20,013

2010: 11,183
2009: 14,116

Cross-portfolio initiatives
Helen Laidlaw – Deputy Editor, How It Works

It’s exciting that Imagine can make the most of our huge gaming audience and expand on it by targeting not only the readers of our specialist gamer titles, but also crossing over to pick up readerships on the edge of this area. SciFiNow and How It Works, for instance, are perfectly placed to take advantage of the wider aspects of video gaming in new and innovative ways. How It Works’ recent How does motion control gaming work?” feature exemplifies a unique ability to synch our audiences.”

Market-leading magazines
Rick Porter – Editor in Chief, GamesTM, X360, 360, Retro Gamer

We don’t compromise on quality and this shows in every one of our titles. We believe that we offer audiences the highest standard of writing, the finest design, and the best packages you can find on the newsstand. Every title is focused on providing specifically to its audience, meaning they are not only an essential read, but a great marketing opportunity for publishers. With key developments planned for all of our magazines, Imagine has never been in a better position to reach the core gamer.”

Linking print and digital
Nick Jones – Editor in Chief –, NowGamer Network

There’s so much talk these days about print being dead, especially when it comes to games magazines. We don’t see it that way. All that’s changing is the way people get their information about their favourite games: online is one way, print is another – and we believe they can complement each other. For us it’s about welcoming that change. Linking our magazine and web content is a vital part of that goal. NowGamer Network is just part of that process and in the future you’ll see a lot more diversity in our output.”

Evolved advertising
Hang Deretz – Head of Sales
Even a cursory glance at Imagine’s recent history shows how our commitment to innovation and quality means our clients are being served in some really exciting ways, in both print and digital. Because of the quality of our portfolio, and the relationship each brand has with its audience, Imagine is perfectly positioned to deliver advertising that’s really valued. Indeed, part of our ongoing strategy is to make our clients’ advertising part of the offering, and we certainly feel we have the trust and ideas in order to achieve that.”

Groundbreaking apps
Ross Andrews – Head of Design
We’re proud of our products and the teams of incredibly creative people who make them. When you’re that pleased with something, you can’t help but want to reach as many like-minded people as you possibly can. With the hugely exciting launch of our iPhone and iPad editions a little over a year ago, we were thrilled to be sharing them globally, day and date with the print magazines. The potential here is phenomenal. We’re excited to be investing in developing and exploring the incredible new publishing opportunities that technology places in our hands and on our desktops.”

Fastest-growing websites
Mat Toor – Head of Digital
NowGamer and its network of sites have enjoyed explosive growth over the past year. So what’s behind this 125 per cent year-on-year increase in unique users? It’s partly down to the under-the-hood improvements that made the sites more search-friendly. But it’s also the simple fact that our growing team of writers is producing the kind of articles that people really want to read. No matter how much SEO you pour into a website, there is no substitute for original, compelling, insightful and timely content.”

Popular podcasts
Simon Miller – Editor at Large
Imagine’s highly acclaimed and diverse podcasts reach thousands of unique listeners every week. They are the perfect way to complement our brands and to promote other avenues of interest. With downloads increasing across the board, our reach is growing, actively encouraging listeners to explore the range of our output. In addition to podcasts that complement our gaming line-up, video production will become just as important.”

Quality bookazines
Aaron Asadi – Editor in Chief, Play, SciFiNow, Apps, Bookazines

Imagine’s bookazines exemplify the high quality values that underpin each one of our products. Stunning production levels and an unprecedented reception tell an international success story we are all immensely proud of. The Retro Gamer Collection and Videogames Hardware Handbook series, for example, have been enormously effective in reaching audiences with a taste for collecting high-end print products.”

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