PS3 crack leads to game piracy

The first claims of full-scale piracy on the PS3 have surfaced on the internet.

The development comes after last week’s serious security breach that lead to the publication of the PS3’s ‘root key’ – a code embedded deep within the console’s architecture that prevents unauthorised code from launching on the machine.

GamesRadar now has an image that appears to show Konami title Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow running directly from the PS3’s hard drive. Currently the game is only available on Blu-ray.

Those responsible claim to have used one of the custom PS3 firmwares currently doing the rounds to enable the hack.

The only good news for Sony is that, at present, the process of getting copied games to run on the console is extremely complex, requiring some quite detailed coding knowledge and ability.

Of course, the fear is that it’s only a matter of time until someone posts an easier solution and the floodgates to PS3 piracy are well and truly opened.

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