PS3 tech woes escalate

The conspiracy theorists are out in force this morning after what began as a global issue with Sony’s PSN network has now escalated to what many people are calling an internal problem with some older PS3 consoles.

Over the weekend many PS3 owners began complaining that they were unable to log onto PSN, with an error message occurring citing a problem with syncing a user’s Trophy information with the network.

We have found out that some users are experiencing a network connection failure when signing on to PlayStation Network,” a SCE UK spokesperson told MCV.We are currently looking into the issue to identify the cause of this network connection failure and will update further information as necessary.

We appreciate for your understanding and continued support.”

However, reports have since escalated with many users alleging that even machines that are not connected to the internet are suffering problems. Reports seem mostly linked to old-style ‘fat’ PS3s.

Even journalists have contacted MCV today to say that their offline debug consoles are stuck in a rebooting cycle thanks to an inescapable error message. It is believed to be linked to a leap-year bug in the machine’s firmware. If so, then with today being March 1st you’d expect many more problems to appear in the near future.

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