Publisher believes combined sales could reach 50m by the end of the year

PS4 and Xbox One to sell 22m units in 2015, claims EA

EA anticipates 22m Xbox One and PS4 consoles will be sold during 2015.

In a prepared statement for its full year fiscal results for 2015, CFO Blake Jorgensen said the console market was growing much faster than in previous generations. He also highlighted that four out of every five copies of Battlefield Hardline were sold for the two consoles, rather than on previous generation hardware.

To date, the PS4 has sold 22.3m units worldwide, with 2m of those sales in the UK. As of November 2014, Microsoft announced it had shipped ten million Xbox One consoles globally. According to EA, 27 million new-gen consoles had been sold by the end of 2014. This would mean that by the end of the year, Sony and Microsoft will have shifted a combined 50m units of their new hardware.

As well as rapid growth in the console market, Jorgensen said he also expects the publisher’s mobile franchises to benefit from the continued expansion of iOS and Android. EA expects the installed base to grow by more than 600m by the end of 2015.

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