PS4 games being added to PlayStation Now streaming

PC owners will soon get the chance to play PS4 exclusives without purchasing a console.

Sony’s PlayStation Now service allows gamers to access they titles they don’t own via Sony’s streaming platform. Until now it has predominantly been used as a way for PS4 to offer backwards compatibility with PS3.

However, now the platform holder has announced that a selection of PS4 games is to be added to the service, and will be included as part of the existing subscription plan. PlayStation Now access is not included with PS+ membership.

Interestingly, PS Now is also available to PC owners, opening the door to non-PlayStation owners having access to the platform’s range of exclusive titles.

As many of you know, PlayStation Now lets you stream hundreds of PS3 games — currently 483 to be exact — to your PS4 and Windows PC,” Sony said.

We’re excited to announce that PS Now’s catalog is set to grow even further, as we’ll be expanding to include a new platform: PlayStation 4 games. All of the games in the service, including PS4 games, will be included with a single PS Now subscription.

In the next few weeks we’ll kick off a private test with PS4 games on PS Now. If you’re an active PS Now subscriber, keep an eye on your email in case you get an invitation.

Since PS Now utilizes our cloud streaming technology, you can access the entire catalog of games, select one, and start playing quickly without needing to wait for downloads.

Also, PS Now uses cloud saves, letting you start a game on PS4 and continue playing on another PS4 or even a Windows PC (or vice versa).”

PlayStation Now offers a rolling catalogue of games. Being a streaming service, the experience is dependent on a decent internet connection, and even in the best case scenarios some titles – especially faster paced ones – might suffer in comparison to a regular playing experiencing, with some input lag and graphic artefacting.

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