PS4 gets a price cut in Japan

Sony has cut 5,000 (30) off the price of the PS4 in Japan.

The console currently retails for just shy of 40,000 (217) in the region. As of October 1st, however, this will be cut to 35,000 (190). It’s the first official price cut for the machine in the region.

There’s no word of whether Sony will make a similar move ahead of Christmas outside of Japan, although with Paris Games Week approaching there’s hope that the company may have a festive treat for UK gamers.

PS4, like Xbox One, has been subject to some quite aggressive price cutting in the UK. The 1TB version of the console currently carries an RRP of 350, although the machine can be widely found for below 300.

The 500GB Xbox One costs 300 in the UK, with the 1TB machine costing 350.

Sony said in June that’s its strong market position means it doesn’t currently feel under much pressure to drop the PS4’s price.

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