Launch lineup 'stronger than predecessors', claims Sony

PS4 preorders ‘much higher’ than past consoles

Preorders for the PS4 are "much, much, much higher" than previous consoles, Sony’s CFO has claimed.

Speaking during an investors call, via Seeking Alpha, Masaru Kato said the firm had forecast five million sales by March 31st next year. This prediction was based on the record number of preorders it had received for its new console.

Kato also noted that many consumers had put down deposits for a PS4, rather than just listing their interest with retailers. He cited strong third-party support and array of launch titles were stronger than some previous console launches.

Currently 19 titles will be available for the PS4 at launch in Europe, although Sony has said the lineup may change in the run up to the console’s release. You can view the full list of launch titles here.

"We have strong support from third parties," he said.

"And sometimes, when we launch a new platform, the software catalog is not sufficient, or after the launch, sometimes, you don’t have good titles following the launch. But this year, on a comparative basis, I think we have a much more stronger lineup of software coming."

The PS4 will launch in North America on November 15th, and on November 29th in the UK and Europe.

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