PS4 Slim pictures leaked

UPDATE:Eurogamerhas confirmed that the device is real (by visiting the home of the buyer, no less).

ORIGINAL STORY: It looks like Sony has two new consoles in the works.

The origins of this leak are certainly bizarre to say the least, but if true – and it sounds as if it is – a Twitter user has via Gumtree obtained an early example of a new PS4 Slim console.

PushSquare reports that the machine could be due for release in a matter of weeks. The SKU pictured is 500GB. It’s not known whether there will be other SKUs with larger capacities.

The design shows a few changes from the current hardware. It’s a lot smaller, obviously, and the strip LED is gone. Introduced are physical power and eject buttons, while the underside feet are fashioned on the four PlayStation controller shapes.

Remember that Sony has an official event pencilled in for September 7th, at which we expect to see the PS4 Neo unveiled.

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