PS4 unit sales reach 13.5m worldwide as console enjoys its best quarter since launch

Sales of the PS4 have now hit 13.5m units after the console shifted 3.3m worldwide in the quarter ending September 30th, Sony has revealed.

That’s up from the 2.7m shipped in the quarter before and the 3m shipped in Q4 2013, Sony’s sales datashows. In fact, it is the second highest only to the machine’s first month in which it sold 4.5m units.

Microsoft shipped 2.4m consoles in the last quarter. Note that not only does that represent the number shipped to retail and not actual sales, it has also not been clarified how that number divides between Xbox One and Xbox 360.

We’ve not had any firm Xbox One numbers from Microsoft since it said it had shipped 5m units back in April.

Overall PlayStation home console unit sales for the period reached 4.1m units, up from the 2m in the same period the year before and from the 3.5m in the preceding quarter. PS Vita and PSP sales feel from 800k to 700k.

PSN revenue climbed from 41bn to 71bn, with software sales climbing from 95bn to 106bn. Sony’s Game & Network Services segment saw last year’s operating loss of 4.2bn swing to an operating income of 21.8bn. Sales jumped 83.2 per cent to 309.5bn.

Sony’s overall numbers were less positive, however, with last year’s Q2 operating income of 13.9bn slipping this year to an operating loss of 85.6bn. Net losses increased from 19.6bn to 136bn.

Sony-wide sales increased 7.2 per cent, however, thanks to the PS4’s performance.

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