PS4 update will allow DualShock 4 lightbar dimming

An upcoming update to PS4 will allow users to lower the light emitted from their DualShock 4 controllers.

GameTrailers journalist Geoff Keighley had claimed on Twitter that users would be able to shut off the light completely, but he was corrected by Sony Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida who clarified that only dimming of the light would be allowed.

Sony said earlier this year that turning the lightbar off is not an option it intends on offering.

The lightbar, aside from some gimmicky use in some games, is primarily used to allow the PlayStation Camera to track the DualShock 4’s movements. Those without the camera, therefore, have no need for it and have repeatedly asked for the ability to turn it off to reduce battery consumption and eliminate screen reflection glare.

Some retailers have taken matters into their own hands by offering light-blocking decal stickers.

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