PSJailbreak ban scope limited

Reports are suggesting that the ban placed on a new PS3 hacking device in Australia last week may not afford PS3 the protection Sony might have hoped.

Kotaku claims to have been informed by an anonymous retailer that the injunction made permanent by the Australian courts last week does not apply to devices other than the PSJailbreak that are deigned to carry out the exect same function.

This means that, as it stands, Sony cannot prevent any rival devices hitting the market. The platform holder would have to try and tackle each on a case by case basis or successfully secure a blanket injunction that bans devices designed to circumvent the PS3’s copy protection.

That’s exactly what happened in July over here in the UK. Nintendo won a court case against a manufacturer of the DS piracy device the R4DS, but the ban that was put into place applied to all devices of similar design.

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