PSJailbreak team dismiss Sony injunction

The company behind the controversial PSJailbreak, a device that allows users to play homebrew and pirated code on PS3 for the first time, has asserted its position in the face of Sony’s legal challenge to the product.

Last week Sony was been granted a temporary injunction preventing the importing or sale of the device.

However, PS3News reports that the manufacturers claim the challenge is nothing more than a scare tactic” and that ‘nothing illegal has been done – there is no copyrighted code, and we have not interfered with any intellectual property law”.

This is not OzModChips Vs Sony. This is not OzModChips, Quantronics, Modsupplier Vs Sony. We would go as far as saying that is not even everyone in Australia Vs Sony. This will effect everyone that plans to buy such a device world wide,” a statement reads.

It already sets a dangerous precedent. Everyone that was using OtherOS, everyone that has had a faulty PS3 laser and those interested in PS3 custom firmware and homebrew applications. We cannot do it alone, we need the support of everyone the homebrew community, the media, engineers that understand the inner workings and anyone else that can provide support.”

The retailer has also pledged to refund all orders it has received if Australian courts decide to uphold the existing ban.

In addition, Kotaku reports that the court hearing to assess the temporary injunction previously scheduled to take place today has now been postponed until Friday September 3rd. The sales ban will therefore remain in effect until at least then.

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