PSN base tops 40m as XBL users rise

Sony and Microsoft have revealed new online user stats, following both firm’s latest NPD results.

Microsoft say that the Live community has grown to 23 million – both Gold and Silver users – marking a high rate of Live adoption from the 39 million 360 consoles sold worldwide.

Sony, meanwhile, says that it has clocked over 40 million PSN accounts, coming from a mixture of 33.5 million PS3 owners and 56 million PSP units sold.

Speaking on his PlayStation blog, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton said the rise in PSN came with a 155% jump in digital sales between 2008-2009.

Sony recently fuelled rumours that the PSN service will implement subscription charges.

Microsoft added that 2.3 million Live users logged into Xbox Live over January – a new record for the platform holder.

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