PSOne emulator targeting Android

As if the PSP didn’t have enough piracy problems of its own, news has broken of a new PSOne emulator that’s currently in development for Google’s Android handsets.

One of the PSPs key IPs is the ability to download a number of PSOne titles from PSN for play on the move.

PocketGamer reports that the app is being co-developed by ZodTTD (the hacker behind existing SNES and GameBoy emulators on iPhone) and Yongzh (who has done the same on Android).

Though the hack is still in its early stages, it has already been shown running Final Fantasy VII and Ridge Racer. The developers promise it will eventually support 60fps gameplay on high-end Android handsets such as the Nexus One and Desire.

The emulation scene on iPhone is already pretty active, but requires the use of a hacked (or ‘jailbroken’) handset to access.

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