PSP2: The Story So Far

On January 27th this week, Sony WILL finally offer up official details for the PSP2.

From today, key representatives based across the global games industry – from publishing and development to the media, from Bath to Boston – are flying to Tokyo for the grand unveiling.

The successor is expected to be one of the most high-end games devices, with rumours of a touchscreen display with the classic PlayStation controllers, 3G connectivity and even an element to keep retail engaged. It’s expected to land in time for Christmas.

But before we get to sink our teeth into the full details, here’s a recap of the big stories that have broken in the run up to this week’s PSP2 reveal:

Time set for PSP2 reveal
Sony intends to spill its handheld beans at 6:00am UK time on Thursday

PSP2 to include 3G support
Japanese paper confirms MCV’s report of limited mobile connection for new Sony handheld

PSP2 as powerful as PS3, set for Q4 launch
HD device on shelves by Xmas; Media storage solution keeps retail in the mix; Third parties to help drive launch buzz

OPINION: PSP2 already impressing partners
New Nintendo and Sony machines mean 2011 is setting itself up to be the year of the handheld

PSP2 announced on Jan 27th in Tokyo
Sony is on the verge of finally announcing new handheld, MCV sources have confirmed

‘PSP2 is dead on arrival’

Analyst Michael Pachter issues grave warning for both Sony’s new machine and the overall handheld space

PSP2 – the first pictures
Two images of now obsolete early prototype seemingly confirm rear touch panel, dual sticks and twin camera

EA alludes to PSP2
Publisher claims to have access to long-rumoured Sony handheld

PSP2 ‘has 2x processing power of 360′
Further claims emerge about possible specs for Sony’s secretive, twin-sticked, UMD-free portable; Codename said to be ‘Veta’

PSP2 was ‘shown off’ at TGS
More suggestions that device will incorporate rear-mounted touch panel

Sony issues PSP2 dev kits
PlayStation owner sends out development kits for PSP successor

‘We have PSP2 in the house’
Mortal Kombat developer claims that Sony’s next handheld is a pretty powerful machine”

Hirai rules out download-only PSP2
But PSPgo experiment was a success, says PlayStation CEO

PSP2 being ‘showcased to devs’
Claims that new machine has touch controls on the rear of the device

Where on Earth is the PSP2?
Michael Pachter says Sony seems eerily complacent about the device” as in-development successor remains MIA

PSP2 on the way?
Rumours resurface that a redesigned handheld is in the works.

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