Seems to have outsold all big competitors, making development for the platform more attractive

PSVR sells 50,000 units in Japan in first week

Weekly sales figures in Japan suggest that the PlayStation VR has sold over 50,000 units in its first week in Japan.

It’s worth noting that these are solely Japanese figures, and none are available for elsewhere in the world, but its performance in Japan is strong enough to outperform every other piece of gaming hardware sold in the country.

This by itself isn’t impressive, the PlayStation VR is new after all, so early adopters will purchase the product all at once. What is impressive is that, if figures are to be believed, simply the Japanese sales have made up nearly a third of the HTC Vive’s total sales.

The PlayStation 4, required for use of the PlayStation VR, also saw a big week for sales, managing 30,154 sales in the week.

The pair combined suggest a very solid start for Sony’s VR ambitions, and hints at the possibility that the PlayStation VR has outsold both premium PC VR competitors in a single week. Hopefully Sony will release sales figures soon.

The full week’s hardware sales in Japan are as follows:

PSVR: 51,644

PS4: 30,154

New 3DS XL: 15,905

Vita: 8,772

2DS: 8,203

New 3DS: 2,983

Wii U: 2,430

PS3: 814

3DS: 346

Xbox One: 323

3DS XL: 71

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