Publishers ‘up their own arses over digital

PC specialist Excalibur has hit out at leading publishers over their lack of support for retail in the digital marketplace.

The firm – whose titles include Farming Simulator 2011, Bus Driver and Dive to the Titanic – believes publishers should work more closely with High Street retailers to develop new digital download services.

I think some of the publishers are so far up their own arses that they do not actually see what the consumer wants or what is going on in the market,” MD Robert Stallibrass told MCV.

The consumer is more likely to go to a GAME, PC World or Amazon website because they’re brands they’re more familiar with.

Publishers are missing a big opportunity to work with retailers through their sites. A lot of firms say the only way they can keep their own IP is by not letting anyone else help – but that’s not clever distribution.

Everybody is trying to shoot retail, but retail is still very important.”

The MD of Excalibur also said too many PC publishers moan about not getting their boxes onto High Street shelves, and should concentrate more on producing quality products.

Some of these publishers whinge and moan about retail space. Well, actually chaps, maybe it’s because your product isn’t really that good,” Stallibrass added.

I think a few years ago you could get away with average games and everybody would put them on the shelves.

But now if the product doesn’t move, it’s out. Retailers will only stock stuff that sells.”

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